Mission Statement:

The people of NuTek Manufacturing are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of machining technology and expertise to provide our customers with the highest quality service and unparalleled products. Whether it is constantly updating our equipment or ensuring that our staff is trained in the latest technologies, NuTek Manufacturing is a one-stop-shop for all your manufacturing needs.

What We Do:

NuTek Manufacturing thrives on taking on the most difficult design, engineering, and manufacturing projects with exacting tolerances; and completing them on schedule.

Who We Serve:

NuTek Manufacturing serves an assortment of customers from a vast variety of industries including commercial, military, medical, high-tech research, and aerospace.

Who We Are:

NuTek Manufacturing is a mission-critical subcontractor providing manufacturing of complex, high-precision, close tolerance parts and assemblies. We specialize in actuation systems, aircraft control mechanisms, missile systems, stainless steel, and other alloy products as requested. Our office and manufacturing facility is located in Brea, California.