NuTek Manufacturing is a company that seeks to solve challenges and expectations. By combining expertise in technical component manufacturing along with the latest manufacturing technology, NuTek Manufacturing has become one of the industry’s critical subcontractors, providing manufacturing to a variety of companies and major contractors.

NuTek Manufacturing is the one stop source for Precision CNC Machining and Milling. We specialize in short lead time and mission critical projects. They can work within virtually any time frame, on time, and on budget. When schedules are at stake, NuTek Manufacturing delivers quality and precision.

NuTek Manufacturing is an AS9100 certified company, certified by NSF-ISR. Our certification enables us to serve our customers with exceptional quality and products. NuTek Manufacturing has established a reputation for producing state of the art products that continually meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

NuTek Manufacturing is made up of a highly-skilled group of people that have worked in the aerospace and defense industries for years. By encouraging teamwork, prudent experimentation, and continuous quality improvement, NuTek Manufacturing has been able to serve our customers with exceptional services and products in ways unique to our industry. From management to operations, our experience working with major customers is the cornerstone of solving the complex issues that we encounter on high-precision projects.